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This is the welcome letter from Lessonface the most highly recommended site for all types of music instruction.  This is not an affiliate program and StreamSide News does not profit from this public service announcement for music lovers, students, and teachers:


Thanks for signing up at Lessonface. Our mission is to amplify the reach of great educators so that students can find the best teacher for their needs. Students on Lessonface are a variety of ages, levels, and interests! Instructors are verified and interviewed by the Lessonface staff, reviewed by students, valued, and celebrated by all!

Q: How will we meet for the lessons and classes?
A: Lessonface uses Zoom video conferencing, for live, interactive, sessions, which works on PCs, Macs, and tablets. We can help you get set up; most people find it easy without our help.

Q: What equipment do I need for this to work?
A: A reliable Internet connection, and a computer or tablet with a webcam.

Q: What if it doesn’t work?
A: Because we are confident you will enjoy your experience, we offer a 100% guarantee. Just let us know within 2 days of the lesson, class, or course, that you weren’t happy for any reason, and we will refund your tuition in its entirety.

You can read more about how it works here. If you would like to talk with a real person for support issues, please be in touch by replying to this message or call, toll-free in the US, 1-800-211-7058. Welcome to Lessonface.


Claire Cunningham
Co-founder and Support team lead
451 West St
NY, NY 10014″

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